Bandit IF Races – October 19th 2019

From the left to right: (in Bandit IFs): Ian & Noch, Julie, Red, Rugger & Jade, Siri, Max & Wyndi On the Committee boat: Sasha, Joshua, Jean, Daenerys.

From the left to right: (in Bandit IFs): Ian & Noch, Julie, Red, Rugger & Jade, Siri, Max & Wyndi
On the Committee boat: Sasha, Joshua, Jean, Daenerys.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon again and this time we had 6 boats, half of them with crew. We had a smooth start, but Max was a little too fast and had to turn around. Ian immediately took the lead and he had 3 boats on his heels, although no one seemed to come near him anymore, and there was a fight for the second place that was decided in DragonFruit. Red turned the buoy there second round.

The second start went a bit better for everyone, but it seemed as if Ian had missed the boat, but he again took the lead at the first buoy not to give it off again.

With two DNFs, and one DSQ, it was again not a successful but a sporting day in North Sea

More pictures after the results.

Race Director: Daenerys

Wind: 225° 17 kts
North Sea CCW
Race Results:
1: IanPixel Resident IDBSC92D — 00:18:48
2: RedHeadJO Resident IDBS5D9B — 00:19:50
3: Sirius Rosca IDBS6B75 — 00:20:17
4: JulieRoyale Resident IDBSDD96 — 00:20:21
5: Maximiliano Szondi IDBSAE23 — 00:24:52
6: ruggeromare Resident IDBSF78D — DNF

Lap Times:
IanPixel Resident IDBSC92D — Start: 00:00:08 — Last lap: 00:18:40
RedHeadJO Resident IDBS5D9B — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:19:40
Sirius Rosca IDBS6B75 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:20:16
JulieRoyale Resident IDBSDD96 — Start: 00:00:16 — Last lap: 00:20:05
Maximiliano Szondi IDBSAE23 — Start: 00:00:59 — Last lap: 00:23:53
ruggeromare Resident IDBSF78D — Start: 00:00:24 — Last lap: DNF

Wind: 224° 11 kts
Race 2: North Sea 103
Race Results:
1: IanPixel Resident IDBSC92D — 00:15:33
2: JulieRoyale Resident IDBSDD96 — 00:17:20
3: Sirius Rosca IDBS6B75 — 00:17:34
4: Maximiliano Szondi IDBSAE23 — 00:20:34
5: RedHeadJO Resident IDBS5D9B — DNF
6: ruggeromare Resident IDBSF78D — DSQ

Lap Times:
IanPixel Resident IDBSC92D — Start: 00:00:20 — Last lap: 00:15:13
JulieRoyale Resident IDBSDD96 — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:17:14
Sirius Rosca IDBS6B75 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:17:21
Maximiliano Szondi IDBSAE23 — Start: 00:00:11 — Last lap: 00:20:23
RedHeadJO Resident IDBS5D9B — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: DNF
ruggeromare Resident IDBSF78D — Start: 00:00:08 — Last lap: DSQ


Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Total Final Placing
IanPixel 1 1 2 1
Julie 4 2 6 2
Sirius 3 3 6 3
RedHeadJo 2 5 7 4
Max 5 4 9 5
Rugger 6 5 11 6

Did Not Finish (DNF) = number of finish +1
Did Not Start (DNS) = number of start +1

Today’s winner was Ian (IanPixel Resident), with Julie (JulieRoyale Resident) second, and Siri (Sirius Rosca) in third place. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you to everyone who came to sail and spectate.

Race Notes:
Rugger (ruggeromare Resident) was disqualified (DSQ) during the second race for finishing the race under protest while failing to complete a 360° penalty turn as instructed by a race director for a Rule 19.2 foul against Red.

19.2 Giving Room at an Obstruction
(b) When boats are overlapped, the outside boat shall give the inside boat room between her and the obstruction,
unless she has been unable to do so from the time the overlap began.

Source: 2017 – 2020 World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing

Julie (JulieRoyale Resident) and Siri (Sirius Rosca) both finished tied with 8 points. Rule A8.1 of Guidance on Scoring under Appendix A to the Rules of Sailing is used to break this tie:

If there is a series score tie between two or more boats, each boat’s race scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first point(s) where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favour of the boat(s) with the best score(s). No excluded scores shall be used.


Skipper Best Finish Next Best Finish
Julie 2 4
Siri 3 3

With the race results rearranged in best to worst finish order, per A8.1, the tie breaks in Julie’s favor with having a second place finish over Siri’s third fourth place finish as his best.


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