Cat Fight – September 1


Sailors arriving before the race. Cryptic our RD, Moon in the air, Kayo/Laured on the NSR FS, behing Phil, Rayz, Claire, Dae, Beane and all kitties

7 boats, 6 crews for the first race, 7 crews for the second and third. A nice alignment of Flying Shadows, colorful hulls waiting to surf over the water of the North Sea. The kitties are ready, all wanting to sail the perfect race, escape the claws of the lag and unleash the speed of the FS.

Cryptic is our usual RD, well known among the kitties, guardian of the rules.

As usual, I will try to give you the partial view of each race, view from one of the 7 FS. If you want to post your own story of the race, as a skipper, crew or observer please do not hesitate. A race is often like a diamond, many vision reflected in each faces.

Race 1:

CartFight-2 Gates

Wind: NW 315° 18kts

Type: Nacra/FS handicap

Boats and Crews:

FS – Ultra

FS/C – Claire w/Looralie, Kayo w/Laured, Daenerys w/Minna, Rayz w/Bri, Beane w/Palani, Phil w/Moon


The Start – Kayo/Laured – Phil/Moon – Rayz/Bri – Dae/Minna – Claire/Looralie – Beane/Palani – Ultra

We take a bad start. 22 seconds late. Dae and Minna seems to struggle as well. All the others FS are already sailing to the first mark. The chase begins. We pass the first mark together with a few other boats, seems we did win a bit on this first leg. Confusion during the turn and a few seconds lost. Tack again. We fight with Ultra and pass him leeward. Our crewed FS is faster and we win the duel rushing to the first gate.  We must be in 4 positions. Quick gybe and we start our downwind leg at 21 kts. Port, I can see Dae and Minna, starboard Phil and Rayz ahead. 22 kts. We can’t go faster. Quick turn and we rush the second gate. Dae and Minna are out (crash), Rayz is ahead, Phil and Moon are arriving full speed. I prepare myself for the encounter but their boat follows straight ahead missing the gate (crash). We turn. Rayz is already tacking. No more opponents around and we pass the line in second position. The God of SL took their heavy tribute. We hope they are satisfy and will let us enjoy the second race.

Congratulation to Rayz and Bri for this great race !


Rayz and Bri – Phil and Moon behind.

Race Results:

1: Rayzza Rubble   IDBSF812 — 00:09:15

2: Kayo Torii   IDBS7C9C — 00:09:31

3: Atomic Infinity   IDBSF544 — 00:09:43

4: beane Bade   IDBS502B — 00:10:29

5: PhilOona Resident   IDBSAA2A –DNF

6: ultramantra Resident   IDBS2625 –DNF

7: blondij Resident   IDBSC2E7 –DNF


Lap Times:

Rayzza Rubble   IDBSF812 — Start: 00:00:08  —  Last lap: 00:09:07

Kayo Torii   IDBS7C9C — Start: 00:00:22  —  Last lap: 00:09:09

Atomic Infinity   IDBSF544 — Start: 00:00:19  —  Last lap: 00:09:24

beane Bade   IDBS502B — Start: 00:00:16  —  Last lap: 00:10:13

PhilOona Resident   IDBSAA2A — Start: 00:00:10  —  Last lap: –DNF

ultramantra Resident   IDBS2625 — Start: 00:00:19  —  Last lap: –DNF

blondij Resident   IDBSC2E7 — Start: 00:00:34  —  Last lap: –DNF

Race 2:

NS Olympic Long

Wind: SW 225° 18kts

Type: Nacra/FS handicap

Boats and Crews:

FS/C – Claire w/Looralie, Kayo w/Laured, Daenerys w/Minna, Rayz w/Bri, Beane w/Palani, Phil w/Moon, Ultra w/Notohama


Beane/Palani – Kayo/Laured – Claire/Looralie – Phil/Moon (on the extreme right)

This time we take a good start, 7 sec. Rayz and Beane are ahead. We will hunt again. First tack. We are still in third position, we got as close to the island as we can, taking a calculated risk. We accelerate. Beane is our first objective. She goes fast and we are not winning. We try to keep the distance and turn the first mark. We chase again. Rayz is still ahead and Beane flights over the water like a demon. We are not getting her. We turn the mark, upwind again. Laured makes the perfect turn, quick change of daggers, the FS continues to surf and we directly take speed. Beane is now very close, she seems to slow down. We take the opportunity. I take the risk to pass her leeward. It works. The FS slows down a bit but continues on her speed and we pass Beane and Palani. One down. One to go. Rayz is the next. We do a better upwind leg and turns right after him making a few yards more to take a better position. We are upwind and we can see him slowing down. Our boats are next to each other’s. He choice to turn to head the finish line, I continue a little more. I see him on her starboard. We have a small advantage of speed since we have a better angle and we rush the finish line. Behind us, Beane is back to the race, full speed and flying to the line. We finish with a few seconds difference. A great duel. This is one of the best race I had since a long time. Congratulations to all sailors.


Beane and Palani

PS: I will know after than Beane lost a few sec due to a dagger mistake that costed her a few seconds.

PS: The Gods were please. We all finished!

Race Results:

1: Kayo Torii   IDBS7C9C — 00:09:45

2: Rayzza Rubble   IDBSF812 — 00:09:49

3: beane Bade   IDBS502B — 00:09:58

4: Atomic Infinity   IDBSF544 — 00:10:38

5: PhilOona Resident   IDBSAA2A — 00:11:54

6: blondij Resident   IDBSC2E7 — 00:11:55

7: ultramantra Resident   IDBS2625 — 00:12:51


Lap Times:

Kayo Torii   IDBS7C9C — Start: 00:00:07  —  Last lap: 00:09:38

Rayzza Rubble   IDBSF812 — Start: 00:00:07  —  Last lap: 00:09:42

beane Bade   IDBS502B — Start: 00:00:10  —  Last lap: 00:09:48

Atomic Infinity   IDBSF544 — Start: 00:00:58  —  Last lap: 00:09:40

PhilOona Resident   IDBSAA2A — Start: 00:01:34  —  Last lap: 00:10:20

blondij Resident   IDBSC2E7 — Start: 00:00:32  —  Last lap: 00:11:23

ultramantra Resident   IDBS2625 — Start: 00:01:05  —  Last lap: 00:11:46

Race 3:

CartFight-2 Gates

Wind: NW 315° 18kts

Type: FS class crewed

Boats and Crews:

Claire w/Looralie, Kayo w/Laured, Daenerys w/Minna, Rayz w/Bri, Beane w/Palani, Phil w/Moon, Ultra w/Notohama


Claire and Looralie – Ultra and Noto

We are happy. We did a great race 2 and we are ready.  We take a good start just behind Claire (and her perfect start) and Phil. We arrived the first gate with Phil, taking a small advantage on the turn. We are back to the race. Claire is way ahead, but the race is not finish till the finish line. We gybe. Phil is there. Perfect turn, we still surf, I take my course and get ready to make the difference with Phil. Our boat has another idea. Time to swim. Two daggers in the water, the FS will not forgive us. Back on track. Claire is out of reach, Phil way ahead. Mistakes happen. We come back to the race. We will finally finish in 3 positions. Congratulations to Claire and Looralie !

Race Results:

1: Atomic Infinity   IDBSF544 — 00:08:39

2: PhilOona Resident   IDBSAA2A — 00:09:03

3: Kayo Torii   IDBS7C9C — 00:09:14

4: ultramantra Resident   IDBS2625 — 00:09:44

5: beane Bade   IDBS502B — 00:10:15

6: blondij Resident   IDBSC2E7 — 00:10:20

7: Rayzza Rubble   IDBSF812 — 00:10:30

Lap Times:

Atomic Infinity   IDBSF544 — Start: 00:00:00  —  Last lap: 00:08:39

PhilOona Resident   IDBSAA2A — Start: 00:00:01  —  Last lap: 00:09:02

Kayo Torii   IDBS7C9C — Start: 00:00:01  —  Last lap: 00:09:13

ultramantra Resident   IDBS2625 — Start: 00:00:11  —  Last lap: 00:09:33

beane Bade   IDBS502B — Start: 00:00:33  —  Last lap: 00:09:42

blondij Resident   IDBSC2E7 — Start: 00:00:18  —  Last lap: 00:10:02

Rayzza Rubble   IDBSF812 — Start: 00:00:03  —  Last lap: 00:10:27


Thank to all to participate to this race. I love to see new people coming to the family and enjoying the speed of the FS. This race is possible only because of you and your spirit. Keep it up !

As usual, thank you to Arwen for the pictures, to Cryptic to RD and to Elbag to let us sail in the North Sea.


All the wild kitties ready for a picture ! 


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