Cat Fight – August 18


Great fleet for this new edition of the Cat Fight. 12 boats lining up, old and new kitties, all waiting to unleash  the speed of their small catamaran. As usual our RD for this week was Cryptic. Looking at the number of boats she was about to have work !

Race 1

Race 1: CartFight-2 Gates

Wind: NW 315° 18kts

Type: Nacra/FS handicap

Boats and Crew

FS – Shau, Ultra, Phil, Claire, Rayz

FS/C – Kayo w/Moon, Dae w/Minna

Nacra – Gryfin, Justin, Soh, Rugger w/Red, Christine


This first race was epic. While i was rushing to the starting line, 16 kts, i could see boats everywhere and my only goal was to avoid them. I eventually did, crossing the line in a good position and quickly sailing  ahead of the pack . The race was not so easy for other sailors, 4 crews could not finish the race, victims of our only fear: the lag.

Because of their speed, the two Flying Shadow crewed went quickly out of the fleet, fighting for the first and second position. Justin and his Nacra was the 3 one to cross the line, taking the 4 position after handicap and letting the 3 position to Ultra and his FS. A great race for these two new kitties !

If these big fleets don’t offer always the best sailing condition, there is something magic of being part of a large race, sailing with others people sharing the same interest for speed. It was fun !

Race 1 - August 19

Race 2: NS-


Wind: SW 225° 18kts

Type: Nacra/FS handicap

Boats and Crew

FS – Ultra, Claire, Rayz

FS/C – Kayo w/Moon, Dae w/Minna, Shau w/woogalie

Nacra – Gryfin w/Red, Soh, Christine, Phil


For the second race, because of the number of boats, we had to cancel the Rodeo and took a race with less turns and more space. It was a good decision. We almost all finished the race successfully.

After a good start, Claire took the lead with her FS. She took the first place after handicap followed by Ultra. The 3 place was for Phil and his Nacra.

race 2 - August 18

Race 3

Race 3: CartFight-2 Gates

Wind: NW 315° 18kts

Type: FS class crewed

Boats and Crew

Shau w/woogalie, Gryfin w/Red, Ultra w/Noto, Dae w/Minna, Kayo w/Moon, Claire w/Phil

6 boats for the last race. The largest crew fleet we had in the Cat Fight. It was as well a very tactical race. After the first mark, Claire was ahead, but behind, Dae, Ultra and Kayo were fighting their way to the first gate, trying to take advantage of their position. Making the deadly mistake of putting myself downwind from the 2 others FS, i saw Claire accelerating …While she was probably reaching 16 or 18knots at the gate, we were stuck at 12 kts….that is the Cat Fight ! Congratulation to all crew and of course to our winner ! Claire !


Atomic Infinity   IDBSF544 — Start: 00:00:02  —  Last lap: 00:08:14

Kayo Torii   IDBS7C9C — Start: 00:00:04  —  Last lap: 00:09:34

blondij Resident   IDBSC2E7 — Start: 00:00:03  —  Last lap: 00:09:53

ultramantra Resident   IDBS2625 — Start: 00:00:05  —  Last lap: 00:10:09

ShauIa Resident   IDBS87D5 — Start: 00:00:06  —  Last lap: –DNF

Gryfin Goldshark   IDBSF3BD — Start: 00:00:36  —  Last lap: –DNF


The usual after race.

The complete album:

Thx you Arwen for these pictures !

Thx to Cryptic for RD and to Eden and the North Sea to host the Cat Fight.



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