Trudeau Patch II Class Racing – Feb 2nd 2017

From the left (in Patchogue IIs): Cryptic, Red, Carlota, and Joshua. On the dock: Gabi, Jacqui, Anna, and Petra.

From the left (in Patchogue IIs): Cryptic, Red, Carlota, and Joshua.
On the dock: Gabi, Jacqui, Anna, and Petra.

This weeks Trudeau Patchogue II Class races in the North Sea, saw some smooth sim weather turn a little choppy towards the end with some fun racing. The sims behaved really well for the first race, but the Ziziphus region turned soupy during the second as it claimed Joshua to a crash, and a DNF. The racing was close and fun, as the fleet stuck together with several position changes and neck and neck racing through both courses.

The first race, on NS-CCW, saw the fleet get off to a nice start. Joshua, with Anna, and Carlota both crossed the start line first, at 00:00:03. Red, with Adeli, was next across the start line at 00:00:09, while I, with Kaos, crossed just after at 00:00:15. Joshua, with Anna, took a clean line upwind as the rest of us jockeyed for position. Carlota fell back, being the only single handed boat, crew helps with heel angle and therefore speed on Patchogue II’s. I, with Kaos, and Red, with Adeli, stayed neck and neck for most of the course with no discernible advantage to either until the last mark in the Sloe region. As Red, with Adeli, entered the mark zone for the buoy in the Sloe region, Red turned wide, dropping her centerboard late. I, with Kaos, dropped my centerboard just as my boat entered the mark zone and was able to turn inside of Red, then pull my centerboard at the end of the turn to get a jump and a pass ahead of Red. Joshua, with Anna, crossed the finish line first, taking line honors. I, with Kaos, was able to hold a slight lead over Red, with Adeli, as I crossed the finish line second with Red crossing third. Carlota followed across the finish line, in fourth.

The second race, on the North Sea Manta course, saw Carlota pick up Petra as crew. Joshua and Red both went crew-less to go single handed. Red got things started as she crossed the start line at 00:00:07 followed by myself, with Kaos, at 00:00:11. Carlota, with Petra, was next to cross the start line at 00:00:19, with Joshua right on her stern at 00:00:20. Racing was competitive as Red took a clean line on the two upwind tacks while I, with Kaos, was just on her stern as Carlota, with Petra, was right on my stern. Joshua was just aft Carlota and Petra. The fleet held tightly together up to the second mark, the pink buoy in the Eden Fulmar region. On the reach down to the third course mark, the green buoy south of Lighthouse Isle in the Ziziphus region, I, with Kaos, and Carlota, with Petra, were both able to take advantage of our crew in helping with the boat’s heel angle, and pass Red. I went to the mark wide, as Carlota went in close turning and losing speed, while I pulled my centerboard early and was able to maintain speed as a swung around the mark to start the reaching leg to the mark in the Sloe region. I held a small lead ahead of Carlota, with Petra, as Red and Joshua were right on her stern. As I approached the fourth course mark, the pink buoy in the Sloe region, the wind shifted slightly and the fleet bunched up as we all rounded the buoy. I again pulled slightly ahead of Carlota, Red, and Joshua heading into the fifth course mark, the blue buoy in the Sapote region. I, with Kaos, stayed on a port tack heading west past the course mark as Carlota, with Petra, followed right on my stern. Joshua and Red both took earlier starboard tacks to head south to the sixth course mark, the green buoy in Ziziphus. I, with Kaos, tacked to port, heading south, in the Muskmelon region, taking a faster wider angle to the sixth course mark and Carlota, with Petra, followed suit. This is when the seas would get a little choppy as Joshua entered the Ziziphus region he crashed on the crossing, unfortunately recording a DNF. Red entered Ziziphus next as I was heading in on a wider faster line, we both met and rounded the green buoy together. I was able to take an inside line around the green buoy, with Red just to my starboard side. Carlota, with Petra, were just on our sterns. The Ziziphus region was not done with it’s storm though, as lag was plenty and the seas seemed like thick syrup. We all sailed on however, and as we all crossed into the Bullace region, the lag subsided. I, with Kaos, slipped into the lead on the run to the finish, as Red held off Carlota, with Petra. I crossed the finish line first, taking line honors, as Red crossed second, mere seconds behind me, and Carlota crossed third.

Race Director: Petra
Wind: 225° (SW), 9.25 m/s (18kts)

Race 1: NS-CCW
Race Results:
1: JoshuaMason7 Resident IDJM72 — 00:19:14
2: Cryptic Resident IDCR42 — 00:21:12
3: RedHeadJO Resident ID-RED — 00:21:20
4: Carlota Dufaux IDCADU — 00:22:38

Lap Times:
JoshuaMason7 Resident IDJM72 — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:19:11
Cryptic Resident IDCR42 — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: 00:20:57
RedHeadJO Resident ID-RED — Start: 00:00:09 — Last lap: 00:21:11
Carlota Dufaux IDCADU — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:22:35

Race 2: North Sea Manta
Race Results:
1: Cryptic Resident IDCR42 — 00:22:32
2: RedHeadJO Resident ID-RED — 00:22:47
3: Carlota Dufaux IDCADU — 00:22:48
4: JoshuaMason7 Resident IDJM72 –DNF

Lap Times:
Cryptic Resident IDCR42 — Start: 00:00:11 — Last lap: 00:22:21
RedHeadJO Resident ID-RED — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: 00:22:40
Carlota Dufaux IDCADU — Start: 00:00:19 — Last lap: 00:22:29
JoshuaMason7 Resident IDJM72 — Start: 00:00:20 — Last lap: –DNF


Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Total Final Placing
Cryptic Resident 2 1 3 1
JoshuaMason7 Resident 1 4 5 2
RedHeadJO Resident 3 2 5 3
Carlota Dufaux 4 3 7 4

Did Not Finish (DNF) = number of finish +1
Did Not Start (DNS) = number of start +1

Today’s winner was Cryptic (Cryptic Resident), with Joshua (JoshuaMason7 Resident) second, and Red (RedHeadJO Resident) in third place. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you to everyone who came to sail and spectate.

Race Note:
Joshua (JoshuaMason7 Resident) and Red (RedHeadJO Resident) both finished tied with 5 points. Rule A8.1 of Guidance on Scoring under Appendix A to the Rules of Sailing is used to break this tie:

If there is a series score tie between two or more boats, each boat’s race scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first point(s) where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favour of the boat(s) with the best score(s). No excluded scores shall be used.

Skipper Best Finish Next Best Finish
JoshuaMason7 Resident 1 4
RedHeadJO Resident 2 3

With the race results rearranged in best to worst finish order, per A8.1, the tie breaks in Joshua’s favor with having a first place finish over Red’s second place finish as her best.


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