Trudeau Classic Regatta – July 21st 2016

From left (in boats): Cryptic (Patchogue II), Joshua (Patchogue II), Sue (Trudeau One), Jamie (12 Metre).
On the dock: Julia and Petra.

From left (in boats): Cryptic (Patchogue II), Joshua (Patchogue II), Sue (Trudeau One), Jamie (12 Metre).
On the dock: Julia and Petra.

Smooth sim weather, a corner crash, and some exciting tactics racing featured in this weeks Trudeau Classic Regatta, in The North Sea. The sims behaved today with no crashes due to sim weather. We did have one DNF, with Joshua meeting his DNF fate ‘tickling a corner’, as Petra would say. This weeks fleet was made up of two Patchogue II’s, two 12 Metre’s and a Trudeau One.

The first race, on NS-SOL-13A, saw a great clean start from the fleet. The 12 Metre’s of Cole and Jamie, with Bell crewing for Jamie, took off in the lead. Joshua’s and my Patchogue II’s followed with Sue close behind in her Trudeau One. Joshua wound up crashing, and unfortunately recording a DNF, due to hitting the corner of Sloe and Sapodilla. The rest of the course was uneventful with Cole and Jamie crossing first followed by Sue, then myself.

The second race, on North Sea Extreme, created by today’s race director Julia, saw another clean start by the fleet. Once again, Cole’s and Jamie’s 12 Metre’s took off in the lead. Joshua, Sue and I followed while staying in a relatively tight pack throughout this course. The only changes were the lines we took to get to the course marks. The Patchogue II plays well for using tactics while racing, with plenty on display in this race. Josh and I both sailed different lines and exchanged positions several times using every tactic we knew. At the end, Cole took line honors, followed by Jamie, then Sue. Then finally, I crossed the line just 2 seconds ahead of Joshua, in what was an exciting finish.

Race Director: Julia
Wind: SW (225°) 18kts (9.25 mps)

Did Not Finish (DNF) = number of finish +1
Did Not Start (DNS) = number of start +1

Today’s winner was Cole, with Cryptic second, and Jamie in third place. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you to everyone who came to sail and spectate.

Prize plaques will be awarded for the first, second, and third place finishers based on the final points tally.

Race Note:
Joshua and Sue finished tied with 9 points. As they both have duplicate finishes, Rule A8.2 of Guidance on Scoring under Appendix A to the Rules of Sailing is used to break this tie:

If a tie still remains between two or more boats, they shall be ranked in order of their scores in the last race. Any remaining ties shall be broken by using the tied boats’ scores in the next-to-last race and so on until all ties are broken. These scores shall be used even if some of them are excluded scores.

Skipper Race 1 Race 2
JoshuaMason7 Resident 5 4
suemelgand Resident 4 5

In the last race, Joshua breaks the tie with Sue with his fourth place finish over Sue’s fifth place finish.


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