Trudeau Regatta – April 28th 2016

From left (in boats): Cryptic (Trudeau 12m), Rosie (Leetle Cat II), Peter (Trudeau 12m), and Madelin (Patchogue II).
On the dock: Petra, Josh, and Gabi.

From left (in boats): Cryptic (Trudeau 12m), Rosie (Leetle Cat II), Peter (Trudeau 12m), and Madelin (Patchogue II).
On the dock: Petra, Josh, and Gabi.

This weeks Trudeau Regatta, in The North Sea, saw some fun and exciting racing along with some great sim weather. This weeks fleet was made up of a majority of four 12 Metre’s, with a NY30, a Leetle Cat II, and a Patchogue II rounding out the fleet.

The first race, on course NS-1b, saw some fun racing between Rosie’s Leetle Cat II and Madelin’s Patchogue II towards the rear, with Omar’s NY30 keeping just ahead of them both. Unfortunately, Peter was over the line early and had to go around to start again, then ran into some trouble and was ultimately a DNF.

The second race, on course NS-Wc Reach, saw some late arrivals in Ruletter and Lez, with their 12 Metre’s. The 12 Metre pack was close, with several position changes between Rulette and myself, with some great displays of wind shadowing. Ultimately, Peter pulled out way ahead and had clear air until the end.

Cole arrived just towards the end of race 2, so it was decided to hold a third race with just 12 meter’s, no points, just fun. Once again, wind shadowing was at play with several position changes due to it through out the fleet.

Race Director: Petra
Wind: SW (225°) 18kts

Race 3: NS-OIL Rev1 – Fun race/no points
Race Results:
1: PeterSailor Resident ID228 — 00:15:53
2: Cryptic Resident IDCRY — 00:18:02
3: Rulette Resident IDRUL3 — 00:19:57
4: lesbo Charisma ID003 — 00:20:22
5: Colette Verino ID131 — 00:20:32

Lap Times:
PeterSailor Resident ID228 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:15:52
Cryptic Resident IDCRY — Start: 00:00:12 — Last lap: 00:17:50
Rulette Resident IDRUL3 — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:19:47
lesbo Charisma ID003 — Start: 00:00:46 — Last lap: 00:19:36
Colette Verino ID131 — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: 00:20:25

Did Not Finish (DNF) = number of finish +1)
Did Not Start (DNS) = number of start +1)

Today’s winner was Cryptic, with Peter second, and Rosie in third place. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you to everyone who came to sail and spectate.

Prize plaques will be awarded for the first, second, and third place finishers based on the final points tally.

Race Note:

Peter and Rosie finished tied with 6 points. Rule A8.1 of Guidance on Scoring under Appendix A to the Rules of Sailing is used to break this tie:

If there is a series score tie between two or more boats, each boat’s race scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first point(s) where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favour of the boat(s) with the best score(s). No excluded scores shall be used.

Skipper Best Finish Next Best Finish
PeterSailor Resident 1 5
Arwyn Silverweb 2 4

With the race results rearranged in best to worst finish order, per A8.1, the tie breaks in Peter’s favor with having a first place finish over Rosie’s second place finish as her best.


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